Bio-Zyme Urinal / Toilet

Dispenser is specially designed to dispense concentrated doses of Bio-zyme directly into any water feed source. To eliminate odour and keep pipes free flowing. Bio–Zyme eats away at uric acid deposits while leaving a film on surface for ease of cleaning. Reducing costs while keeping washrooms odour free. Deep cleans daily as it flushes through pipe work.

Features & Benefits

  • Enzymes help to degrade organic waste materials and removes uric scale build up
  • Non Toxic eliminates odours
  • Liquefies solids
  • Economical per dosage
  • Clean pipe work
  • Certified Bio Organic
  • Runs on 2 D size batteries lasting for 12 months*
  • Refills last for 30 days*


Certified Bio-Gro Organic 4832

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