"BIO-ZYME" Composition

The use of enzymes to improve the biological degradation of organic matter is well known. It has been found especially advantages to add quantities of a number of enzymes directly into septic systems and sewage treatment ponds in order to catalyse the digestion or organic impurities and to stimulate natural bacterial action.

The enzymes are usually added in dry inactive form directly to the waste-containing mixtures and become activated when dissolved. However, it is further appreciated the enzymes are highly specific as to the waste materials upon which they will act and are delicate in that pH factors, temperatures etc., must be within limited ranges of suitable enzymatic activity. With these realisations, it is necessary to select various types of enzymes, which will promote the degradation of various impurities.

The composition of "BIO-ZYME" comprises a mixture of naturally fermented organic materials combined with surfactants and other biological stimulating ingredients. The composition not only greatly improves sewage treatment facility capabilities by stimulating bacterial growth, eliminating odours, enzymatically improving the catalytic degradation of sewage impurities, but in itself is a strong and effective cleaning composition,and improves aeration and bacterial activities of drain fields to which it is added.

The composition is highly effective in cleaning and removing accumulated wastes from sewage and drainage pipes in which organic matter has built up but is non-corrosive, non-toxic and completely biodegradable. The product is also extremely useful in digesting and removing organic materials such as grease, oils etc., fromsubstances and yet is not irritating, toxic or flammable as they are the known hydrocarbon and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. The constituents render it not only safe to use but beneficial to drain field assimilation.

"BIO-ZYME" is not a mask!


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